CME Training for Medical Writers

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Training for Medical Writers is an award-winning, comprehensive, online educational series developed specifically for medical writers and CME staff by Johanna Lackner Marx, MPH MSW, CCMEP, President and Founder of InQuill Medical Communications.

CME Training provides extensive, up-to-date information on how to plan, design, write, implement, and evaluate CME based on the most recent regulations and guidelines and evidence-based information on cutting-edge education methods.

Our program is designed for experienced medical writers and healthcare professionals who are interested in furthering their CME careers, or entering the CME/CPD industry. Many of our students are experienced clinicians.

You may begin your Course at a time convenient for you. You enjoy access to the online materials 24 x 7 and can pace your learning and review.

Course Modules and Levels

CME Training for Medical Writers is offered at three independent and distinct levels that are designed to provide increasing depth and support. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Modules Levels
Bas Int Adv
1. Introduction to Continuing Medical Education / Continuing Professional Development X X X
2. The Role of Educational Linkage and Gap Analysis X X X
3. Conducting Needs Assessments and Writing Educational Objectives X X X
4. Writing CME/CPD Content: Content Validity, Evidence Based Education, Patient Safety X X X
5. Writing CME/CPD Content: Assuring Fair Balance and Bias Free Education X X
6. Principles of Adult Learning: How to Teach Physicians so they Learn X X
7. Effective CME/CPD: Translating Physician Learning into Performance Improvement X X
8. Evaluations and Outcome Assessments: Measuring the Efficacy of CME/CPD     X
9. Creating Compelling CME/CPD Slide Presentations     X
10. Building Your CME Business     X
 ** Advanced Internship – 6 Week Virtual Assignment with CME Provider – Select Graduates      X

CME Training for Medical Writers provides the in-depth education and training needed to become knowledgeable and qualified in several domains relevant to CME/CPD. The program includes ten comprehensive Modules on the most important aspects of CME/CPD and, for graduates of the Advanced Level, an internship placement with a CME/CPD provider.

The course utilizes a variety of formats to accommodate all learning styles, including interactive webinars, discussion, question and answer, homework, and case studies.

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