Scientific and Technical Grant Writing and Editing

Do you know how to develop a powerful, winning grant
proposal that will bring funding to your employer?

Your ability to gain grants to support your research or
technical projects can make you invaluable to your company or institution.

Medical writers and editors are important team members who significantly contribute to the successful application for a scientific or technical grant.

Complete this online course and receive a Certificate.

Do you work for a non-profit organization or institution that needs to find and apply for a grant? Or a medical writer charged with writing and editing a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)? If so, this course is for you.

In today’s competitive job market, educational credentials are vital. Add a line to your resume and show potential employers and editors that you have what it takes to be an excellent grant writer.

This course describes the basics of grant writing, with a special focus on NIH grant applications. Below is the outline of the course:

Lesson 1 — Introduction to Grants
What is a Grant?
Types of Research Grants
What is a Grant Proposal
Types of Grant Proposals

Lesson 2 — Finding Scientific and Research Grants
Where to Look For Grants
Government Grants
National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Finding a Funding Opportunity
Looking at Past Awards for NIH Grants
Other agencies and foundations

Lesson 3 — Plan Your Project
Pre-preparation for writing an NIH grant proposal
Advisory Boards

Lesson 4 — NIH Grant Applications
Overview of NIH Grants

Lesson 5 — NIH Grant Application Preparation

Lesson 6 — NIH Applications. Writing the Sections
Preparing the New, Shorter Applications

Lesson 7 — Writing the Research Section

Lesson 8 — Editing a Scientific or Technical Application

Lesson 9 — Revising a Grant Application

At the end of the course you will take a test to evaluate your understanding of the material and receive a certificate of completion.

More affordable, comprehensive, and time efficient than available workshops.

Many of the available workshops for medical writers are way too expensive—$1,950 or more for a couple of days, plus travel expenses.

You can take this online course from the comfort of your home. Once your interactive test is completed and your instructor gets back to you, you will receive a Certificate in the mail at no extra cost.

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