Consumer Health Writer Package

Who Should Take This Medical Writing Training Package?

Are you interested in writing about consumer health?
Or about patient education?
Would you like to learn a little about science writing that can make you more credible?

This Package is THE RIGHT ONE for you. You have that interest in public health and want to have confidence and authority when you write.

This Package includes three Online Courses, Consumer Health Writing, Posters and Abstracts, and Biostatistics and Epidemiology. You also enjoy 5 Bonus Online Seminars (each 1 hour in length) which expand your thinking about getting started and being successful in medical writing either as an employee, freelancer of business owner. Just the right amount of information to give you a solid footing as a consumer health writer.

When you are graduated with a Certificate from this Consumer Health Writer Package, you’ll be ready to hit the market with knowledge and practice in creating content appropriate for the public. You’ll have writing skills, presentation skills, marketing skills, and analytical skills. You’ll be a powerhouse compared with most consumer health writers.

Only 1 Payment of $497 or 3 Payments of $191.





What’s Included in This Package?

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3 Online Courses

“Consumer Health Writing”. This Online Course takes most people 4 weeks to complete. Your time may vary. You will learn about the consumer health writing market, how to get story ideas, how to write “the query” letter, researching, interviewing and writing techniques, and much more. (Ala carte price $297.)
“Preparing Abstracts and Posters”. We include this Online Course which takes most people 2 weeks to complete, so that you know how to format and create summaries of your work.  Abstracts are good to have so you can list your articles in a standard format.  Posters are great for public presentation.  Quick and simple skills to learn AND use for your future. (Ala carte price $97.) MWT Abstracts and Posters
“Biostatistics and Epidemiology”. Consumer health writing can often involve the use of statistics, and this Online Course teaches you how to use statistics in the proper way.  Improper or mis-use of statistics can effect your credibility and earning power.  Epidemiology of course is the study of disease patterns in human populations.  The second half of this course covers the science of epidemiology.  Both of these disciplines provide great background and strength to your understanding and use of research data as you translate concepts from scientific fact into understandable information for the public.  Most people finish this Course within 4 weeks. (Ala carte price $297.)

with our Medical Writing Experts:

    1. Consumer Health Writing and Patient Education, with Nancy Monson. Nancy is a successful writer who teaches you the tricks and realities of getting published in consumer health writing. Very personable and engaging.


    1. 10 Statistical Errors Even YOU Can Find, with Tom Lang, MA. Tom teaches internationally and has written THE BOOK on medical writing and statistics. He’ll teach you 10 of the most common statistical mistakes and how YOU can avoid them.


    1. Job Hunt Tips from a Recruiter’s Notebook, with George Buckland, Recruiter. You will learn how most recruiters look for job applicants, and what you must do to get found. Plus George coaches us all on what makes us look interesting to recruiters. He even gives his contact information, because he’s always looking for good candidates.


    1. Essential Marketing Rules for Medical Writing Websites that Win, with Philippa Gamse, CMC. Philippa has evaluated over 5,000 websites for big companies, small companies, and entrepreneurs. She tells you the secret ingredients to building and arranging your website so that you win business with new clients or recruiters.


    1. How to Get, Close and Keep Medical Writing Business with Internet Marketing, with Jonathan Marx, MBA. Jonathan is expert in internet marketing and engaging web visitors. You’ve got your website. You’ve got your product. Now what do you do? How do you get found? How do you engage prospects? How to get and keep the business. Watch THIS one.


These five Online Seminars normally sell for $50 each, so this is $250 in value that you get with this package.

Buy all this separately, and you’ll pay $941.

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Only 1 Payment of $497 or 3 Payments of $191.