New to Medical Writing Package

New to Medical Writing

Who Should Take This Medical Writing Training Package?

Not sure what kind of medical writing you want to do?
Not sure what kinds of medical writing there are?
Confused about the choices?

You are in the RIGHT PLACE.  Sounds like you are just starting out in medical writing and want to get an overview of the different types of medical writing you can choose from.

This Package includes the Online Course, Introduction to Medical Writing which offers you an overview of the different kinds of medical writing you can pursue. You also enjoy 5 Bonus Online Seminars (each 1 hour in length) which expand your thinking about getting started and being successful in medical writing either as an employee, freelancer of business owner. Just the right amount of information to give you a solid footing as a beginning medical writer.

When you are graduated with a Certificate from this New to Medical Writing Package, you’ll be focused and ready to learn the type of medical writing you want to pursue. And we have convenient learning packages to help move you right along in your learning, so that you can get out and start earning:

  • The Consumer Health Writer’s Package
  • The Scientific and Regulatory Writer’s Package
  • The Continuing Medical Education Writer’s Package
  • The Complete Medical Writing Training System, which includes all of the above



The Introduction to Medical Writig Course provides a comprehensive overview of the disciplines available in medical writing. It is especially helpful for individuals undecided concerning what aspect or field included in medical writing to pursue.

“I love and respect the decency, honesty, and good will of the founders of Mr. & Mrs. Marx. They provided all the necessary information in the Introduction to Medical Writing course to help their students succeed and achieve their goals. I cordially wish them all the best.”
FR, Medical Writer

As an introductory course, it gave me an incredible insight into the many facets of medical writing. If one has any inclination as to where they want to concentrate their writing efforts the course, at least in my situation, serves to solidify that direction.

Only 1 Payment of $297 or 2 Payments of $171.





What’s Included in This Package?

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The Online Course entitled “Introduction to Medical Writing”. This Online Course included takes most people 4 weeks to complete. Your time may vary.  You will learn about the different types of medical writing, and be able to choose your direction and develop your career as a medical writer. (Ala Carte Price: $197.)

PLUS, the following 1-hour Online Seminars with Medical Writing Experts:

  1. Career Opportunities in Medical Communication, with Barbara Gastel, MD.  This Seminar reviews the many ways and places medical writers are used, and offers tips on finding employment opportunities.
  2. Job Hunt Tips from a Recruiter’s Notebook, with George Buckland, Recruiter.  You will learn how most recruiters look for job applicants, and what you must do to get found.  Plus George coaches us all on what makes us look interesting to recruiters.  He even gives his contact information, because he’s always looking for good candidates.
  3. Essential Marketing Rules for Medical Writing Websites that Win, with Philippa Gamse, CMC.  Philippa has evaluated over 5,000 websites for big companies, small companies, and entrepreneurs.  She tells you the secret ingredients to building and arranging your website so that you win business with new clients or recruiters.
  4. How to Get, Close and Keep Medical Writing Business with Internet Marketing, with Jonathan Marx, MBA.  Jonathan is expert in internet marketing and engaging web visitors.  You’ve got your website.  You’ve got your product.  Now what do you do?  How do you get found?  How do you engage prospects?  How to get and keep the business.  Watch THIS one.
  5. Medical Writing in English: Tips and Resources, with Barbara Gastel, MD.  Many medical writers are not native English speakers.  However, a lot of writing is done in English.  Barbara offers tips and resources so that you can become
    the best medical writer you can be, even if you are a native English speaker.  Plenty of resources are provided for you to keep.

Buy these Seminars separately at $50 each, and you’ll spend $250.

Buy all this separately, and you will pay $447.

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Only 1 Payment of $297 or 2 Payments of $171.