What Kind of Medical Writing Should I Do?

What Kind of Medical Writing Should I Do?………..

I was Skyping with a scientist the other day who wanted to get into medical writing. She was interested in one of our medical writing courses, and she wanted to know which medical writing course she might start with.

We talked for awhile. She had an undergraduate and graduate background in science, was working for a pharmaceutical company preparing specific reports, and wanted to stretch out more broadly into earning money as a medical writer, or getting a medical writing job.

Consumer health writing was of interest, but she wanted something more technical.

We discussed our Science Journal Writing Course, our medical writing course called Regulatory Writing in the U.S., and lastly, our CME Training for Medical Writers.

With discussion, she decided to start with Regulatory Writing, as this was closest to what she was currently doing. When she is done with that, she’ll move on to CME Training for Medical Writers, because she is interested in working with physicians.

A brief conversation really helped with her direction, and she was very appreciative.

We help medical writers get trained, get work, get jobs, with our various services. It can be a puzzling decision to make, but we can help you too. You can enjoy a free video webinar on “Career Opportunities in Medical Communication,” get a listing of our courses, and even a discount on your first purchase.


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