Which Medical Writing Courses Should I Take?

We do lots of consults with budding medical writers each week, and people tend to ask us the same question.
I have an interest in X. What course or courses should I take?

We used to recommend, “Take this course, then this course, then this course.

But now we’ve gotten better, and we help people more quickly NOW.

We’ve identified five different kinds of interest people have, and put packages of courses together to meet those interests. Plus, we can discount the pricing significantly because people buy ONCE in a package, rather than needing to have us and them think about it 3-4 times. What a great solution!!

These Packages include both online Courses and online Seminars to round out your learning.

Here they are. Click on the one that interests you and see if this doesn’t help you think about YOUR medical writing training needs.

1. New to Medical Writing

2. The Consumer Health Writer Package

3. The Scientific & Regulatory Writer Package

4. The Continuing Medical Education Package

5. The Complete Medical Writing Training System

And for those of you who like the Big Picture, here’s a Comparison of all Five Packages.

Let us know what you think.

Jonathan Marx

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